Helen Lancaster - Professional Guidance and Mentor

Helen Lancaster

Higher education (performing arts - curriculum, practice and delivery), cultural policy, and leadership in the arts.

Documents & Publications

Cultural Policy

Publications and academic papers in the field of cultural policy, particularly related to regional arts infrastructure, music education, and the impact of policy on education and the performing arts.


Publications and academic papers in the field of leadership, specifically leadership in the higher music education sector, leadership in the arts, and issues of cultural management. Includes a keynote address delivered to the National Council of Tertiary Music Schools in Australia, and research completed with the cooperation of the Association of European Conservatoires.

Higher Music Education

Publications and academic papers related to post-secondary music education across the world, including published research which maps the Australian post-secondary music education sector.

Gifted Education

Publications in the field of gifted education generally and musically-gifted in particular. Includes a keynote address from the Inaugural Conference of the Thai National Centre for the Gifted.

Flexible Delivery

Publications and academic papers addressing flexible forms of delivery in music education at pre-tertiary and tertiary level in Australia and internationally.

Musical Instrument Bank

Publications about music instrument banks, and articles specifically supporting the establishment of the Music Council of Australia’s National Musical Instrument Bank.