Helen Lancaster - Professional Guidance and Mentor

Helen Lancaster

Higher music education
Cultural policy
Leadership in the arts

Helen's Services

DR HELEN LANCASTER offers the following services:

  • advisory services to higher music education institutions, conservatoria, music schools and arts organisations

  • seminars and workshops in leadership issues relative to higher education and/or the arts: leadership style, organisational change, strategic planning and governance

  • research services: senior research fellow with international connections

  • mentoring middle and senior managers in higher education and the arts

  • reviews of tertiary music curricula, and advice on change strategies for music institutions and arts organisations

  • design and implementation of cultural policy and the development of regional infrastructure for local and regional communities

  • examining and adjudications in music at all levels: solo orchestral instruments, choral and instrumental ensembles, piano and guitar, from school through to post-graduate level.

For more information on Helen's services please contact her directly.